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Drug Charges

Serious felony drug charges such as possession and trafficking can result from all kinds of police abuses: invasions of privacy, planted evidence and coerced confessions, just to name a few.

If this has happened to you — if you were the victim of overzealous law enforcement in Riverside County and the Inland Empire, and await trial for drug offense — our experienced Temecula criminal defense law firm can aggressively protect your rights.

We are the dedicated, knowledgeable attorneys of Davis & Wojcik, a Professional Law Corporation.

For more than 50 years, our skilled defense lawyers have successfully safeguarded the interests of a broad range of criminal defendants, including those accused of drug crimes such as:

  • Possession of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, illegally obtained prescription drugs and "party drugs"
  • Trafficking
  • Cultivation
  • Importation
  • Manufacture
  • Smuggling
  • Sale and delivery
  • Conspiracy to commit a drug crime
  • Driving while impaired by drugs
  • Drug paraphernalia
Unique Criminal Defense Representation for Unique Drug Offense Cases

Anyone who feels that a Fourth Amendment violation by police led to their drug charges is invited to contact us for an initial consultation. We know how to investigate and negotiate with prosecutors in ways that get charges reduced and dismissed. Don't risk your future to the possibility of harsh punishments. Call today: (951) 587-2222. We welcome your email message and respond to it promptly.

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My husband and I hired DWD to do our Last Will and Testament. We went in not knowing what to expect or how to distribute our estate upon our passing. Each of our questions were answered quickly and to our satisfaction. Things we thought were complicated were worked-out very simply because of their vast experience and knowledge. I highly recommend DWD for Wills, Trusts, etc. Donna
Mr. Davis is one of the most talented & passionate attorneys that I have ever met. His entire team is truly amazing! I was referred to his law firm through a friend of mine, and I'm convinced he is one of the the best criminal defense attorneys in Southern California. Michele
During an employment dispute, I sought help from an Attorney. Choosing a strong, local firm was important to me. Mr. Thompson of DWD is a knowledgeable, supportive attorney who took the time to answer my questions, investigate, and advocate on my behalf. I highly recommend Dan Thompson if you are ever in need of legal advice or assistance. Michelle