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I Highly Recommend DWD for Wills, Trusts, etc.

My husband and I hired DWD to do our Last Will and Testament. We went in not knowing what to expect or how to distribute our estate upon our passing. Each of our questions were answered quickly and to our satisfaction. Things we thought were complicated were worked-out very simply because of their vast experience and knowledge. I highly recommend DWD for Wills, Trusts, etc.

Donna Fallbrook
Great Service and Great Result!

I used DWD for my Will and they were very kind and helpful. They also advised me on a business matter. Great service and great result!

Thomas Oceanside
I Highly Recommend Mr. Davis.

My high school aged daughter (MG) was arrested with a felony for having a weapon at school. I was beyond nervous and has so many questions and concerns - Jail? College? Future career opportunities? Shame, embarrassment..... The first thing Mr. Davis did when we met with him was to assure MG she was not going to jail (Juvenile Hall). What a relief! He could have scared us with talk of jail to get us to retain him. Instead, he put us at ease. He then listened carefully to what had happened and he spent significant time talking directly with MG and really got her to open up. He took his time walking us through what would happen at court, how MG should dress and act and address the judge, etc. By the time we actually went to court, we were calm and well-prepared. It was clear that Mr. Davis had a good relationship with the Prosecutor's office and I could tell that his experience and credibility, helped the final outcome. Long story short, although MG was caught red-handed with a knife on school grounds, today (six month later) her case was completely dismissed and the judge ordered the file sealed. If you ever have to live through an arrest of your child, call Mr. Rob Davis. He has 20+ years of experience, he knows the law, he has a very helpful staff, reasonable fees and a beautiful office to boot. But most of all, he took the time to get to know us and he fought hard for MG (case dismissed!!!). I highly recommend Mr. Davis.

Incredibly Satisfied!

Mr. Davis is one of the most talented & passionate attorneys that I have ever met. His entire team is truly amazing! I was referred to his law firm through a friend of mine, and I'm convinced he is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Southern California. Mr Davis was very knowledgeable about my issue and the best way to help me, but more importantly he really sympathized with my situation. My situation was handled aggressively and I was kept up to speed along the way. I could not be more satisfied. He was diligent and responsive and made sure I got exactly what I deserved. Would recommend this lawyer to anyone!

Professional, Knowledgable, Honest and Hard Working

After consulting with numerous attorneys in the Inland Empire, it is no question that Robert Davis is the absolute best attorney in the field. He helped my company win a substantial amount in a lawsuit. I thought at best we would have to settle, but he put complete focus and effort into our case and we won with flying colors. I will be using Robert from here on out. He made it clear that he is there to help you. From investment questions, business inquiries, and even help with my Will, he is the man I will be turning to.

He Gets it Done Right!

"I endorse this lawyer. Rob is an aggressive, smart representative, yet he remains an effective negotiator. He is able to "stand his ground" in the court and still utilize a professional demeanor to explore other alternatives that may be more beneficial to his clients. He is the first person I think of when clients tell me that they have family members with criminal problems. He gets it done right!" Employment and labor Attorney on Dec 19 | Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Michael Desjardins
If You're Looking for a Great Lawyer...

"Rob Davis is an experienced attorney who treats his clients with the kind of care and skill necessary to achieve the very best results. If you're looking for a great lawyer in the Hemet Valley, call him first!" Employment and labor Attorney on Aug 2, 2016 | Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Barry Walker
Hiring Davis & Wojcik was the Best Move I Ever Made.

When my son was arrested, I was at a complete loss. I couldn't believe it. I felt guilty for not seeing the signs. I was angry with my son for his stupid actions. I was mad at the police for not consulting me. I was frustrated knowing my son's future was now in the hands of an uncaring court system. On top of it all, I was scared. Hiring Davis & Wojcik was the best move I ever made. Mr. Davis guided us through the process. When it was all done, the court was satisfied, the probation Department was off our back, and we had our son back. Thank you DWD!

Steve C. Temecula, CA
If Your Company Needs Experienced Litigators for Complex Business Litigation, I Highly Recommend DWD

My company is currently embroiled in complicated litigation involving several California State agencies. Davis & Wojcik (DWD) have been great to work with. The attorneys at DWD understand that we are a business and have found a way to integrate our business priorities with a effective litigation strategy. They have gone toe to toe with the government, have a great relation with the court, and have us on a path to a successful resolution. If your company needs experienced litigators for complex business litigation, I highly recommend DWD.

Kevin T. Hemet, CA
I Will Always Thank Mr. Davis for Showing Faith in My son When Nobody Else in the Legal System Would

A year or so ago my son got in trouble with the police. We had already tried the Public Defender and it had not gone well for my son. We went to Davis & Wojcik and met with Robert Davis. Mr. Davis was always very up front and honest with us that we had a difficult case but said he would do his best. The case ended up taking more than a year but Mr. Davis hung in there with my son the entire time. At the end he was able to convince the Prosecutor and the Judge to allow my son a second chance to put his life in order. Over the past year my son has obtained a certificate from the local college and obtained full-time employment. He and his girlfriend now have a beautiful little girl and my son is free of all the bad influences that have caused so much pain and heartache in the past. I will always thank Mr. Davis for showing faith in my son when nobody else in the legal system would. My son did his part, but that would not have been possible if he was in jail; and he would have been if it wasn't for Mr. Davis.

Eleanor G. Hemet, CA
I Will Tell Everyone I Know, When You Need an Attorney, Call Davis Wojcik Durarte Fast!

When I was arrested it was horrible. It was like I couldn’t see a way out. A simple argument with my partner got out of hand due to his out of control drinking, but I was the one who got arrested. I was expecting the worst, so when Mr. Davis told me he was able to get the charges completely dropped; it was a surprise and a huge relief. I felt like I could breath again. I can’t thank Mr. Davis and his law firm enough. I will tell everyone I know, when you need an attorney, call Davis Wojcik Durarte fast!

Susan C. Menifee, CA
Thank You to the Team at DWD for all of Your Help!

I had a legal issue that had been a big burden on me. I am so grateful to you for taking care of it!

Rudy A. Murrieta, CA
I Could not be More Pleased With DWD, Especially Matthew Duarte

I give the highest possible recommendation to DWD and specifically Matthew Duarte. I am a practicing physician in the area and I had a very complex and involved business law / employment law issue that I wanted to pursue legally. Initially, I sought counsel with another law firm that performed poorly. I was then recommended DWD by a colleague and I have been incredibly pleased. Matthew Duarte took my case and has been extremely professional, friendly, easily accessible and effective! Throughout the entire process, Matt has explained, in plain English, every step. Additionally, Matt has been very reasonably priced. Matt has considered the cost and effectiveness of very step. I am very happy to report that my lawsuit has been exceedingly successful. Furthermore, I needed to form a LLC and chose Matt Duarte to form the LLC for me. Matt formed my LLC very promptly and thoroughly and for a competitive price. I have recommended Matt Duarte and DWD to my closet friends because I am confident he will take the best care of them. Choose Matt Duarte and DWD and you will not be disappointed.

Nick W. M.D. Murrieta, CA
I Will Definitely Come Back!

I sought out Davis & Wojcik to help me with a contract. I scheduled an appointment and met with their associate, Dan. He reviewed the contracts in a very timely manner. I was trying to decide if it was a contract I was going to sign and was on the fence about it. I was not pressured one way or the other but Dan listened to my concerns and gave me great advice that helped with my decision. He pointed out some great concerns with the contract that I don't think I ever would have noticed by myself. He also did an amazing job defining things for me that I wasn't understanding. If I ever find myself in need of advice again, I will definitely come back!

Cyndi Bennett Temecula, CA

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