Litigation occurs when two opposing parties have a dispute over a legal right. The litigation process is very complex and may take years to resolve. At Davis & Wojcik, we handle a variety of litigation including:

Real estate litigation: Most real estate disputes arise from the sell or transfer of real property, including residential and commercial real estate. Other disputes may include boundary disputes, easements, covenants and other rights affecting real property.

Business litigation: Business litigation involves every type of dispute that can arise in the business context, including breach of contract, partnership/joint venture disputes, class actions, business torts, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and misrepresentation, tortious interference, trade secrets, and shareholder issues.

Labor and employment litigation: California’s labor laws are complex and change frequently. Employment issues affect the livelihood and well-being of employees and the success of the employers for which they work. These employment disputes can be intensely personal. A Temecula employment attorney of Davis & Wojcik understands both sides of the conflict be we have represented both sides of the aisle. Employment litigation covers many types of claims, including harassment, discrimination, wage and hour violations, wrongful discharge, workplace safety violations and other employment-related torts.

Civil tort litigation: A “tort” is a civil wrong that causes loss or harm resulting in legal liability. Commonly litigated torts include fraud, conversion, defamation, trespass and negligence. Civil tort litigation can involve individuals, groups, businesses, or other entities.

Litigation to resolve contested estate matters: A will contest, or other estate dispute, is a legal, emotional and often financial nightmare for families. Estate disputes can last for years and, in some cases, decades. The estate and probate attorneys of Davis & Wojcik have experience in contested estate matters and can provide valuable experience in this time of need.

Health care litigation: Davis & Wojcik are experience in helping healthcare professional investigate and resolve a wide range of health care litigation matters and claims. We strive to offer proactive guidance and responsive leadership in employment law matters, license defense, business litigation, regulatory requirements, compliance issues, transactions and insurance and third-party payer disputes.

Election law litigation and FPPC filings: The Fair Political Practices Commission has a primary responsibility for the impartial and effective administration of the Political Reform Act, which regulates campaign financing, conflicts of interest, lobbying, and governmental ethics. Davis & Wojcik are experienced in election law and FPPC filings, including the laws governing election administration and electoral reforms.

Handicap accessibility defense: The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and California Unruh Act or Unruh Civil Rights Act, are civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities in public and private places that are open to the general public. Business and building owners are required to adhere to the strict guidelines of ADA or face significant penalties for noncompliance. ADA lawsuits have become so numerous that the state of California has placed restrictions on “high-frequency litigants.” At Davis & Wojcik, we help business defend against handicap accessibility lawsuits.

If you have been sued or are considering filing a lawsuit, your first step should be a consultation with an experienced Hemet or Temecula litigation attorney at Davis & Wojcik. To schedule an initial consultation, contact Davis & Wojcik by calling (951) 587-2222 or submitting a message through our online contact form.

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